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·  All books -- new, secondhand, out-of-print, antiquarian -- are organized by subject. Listings are accessible via a detailed table of contents. Conditions are described for all books that aren't new, even if they're still in print.

·  Books listed on our site are in stock. Often one-of-a-kind, titles are removed from the web site as soon as they're sold, and are not listed again until we acquire another copy.

·  In stating conditions of older books, we tend to be a bit conservative. We make every effort to note any defects or highlights, such as an author's or artist's signature. We verify that illustrations are intact.

·  We examine, clean, and, when necessary, gently repair all books. Older books, we believe, are like older dogs, deserving extra care and attention. Mylar covers are often added to protect fragile dust jackets or delicate boards. And older books spend time in our cleansing boxes designed to eliminate odors and reduce the potential for allergic reactions. Our goal: to increase the value of each book, to assure its preservation, and to make it a better companion when it reaches its new home.

·  By and large, our listings are oriented by breed or canine subspecies. That means that if you're looking for a novel or children's picture book about wolves, you'll find it in our "Wolf" department; everything about dachshunds -- breed books, art books, children's books, from postcards to philosophical tracts -- is organized under the "Dachshund" heading. Exceptions are noted, with linked cross-references as appropriate.

·  Listing style is based on bibliographic form. The device "----" instead of an author's name preceding a book title means that the author is the same as listed for the book or books immediately above.

·  Most binding descriptions (hardcover, cloth, spiral, etc.) are self-explanatory. The qualifiers "illustrated" and "pictorial" mean that covers feature artwork or photography, respectively. "Wraps" refers to paper covers (also known as softcover or paperback).

·  Each listing includes an abbreviation for the format (size and shape) of the book described. The terms used most often are as follows: folio (measuring up to fifteen inches, or roughly thirty-eight centimeters), 4to (quarto; up to twelve inches, or thirty centimeters), 8vo (octavo; up to nine and three-quarters inches, or twenty-five centimeters), 12mo (duodecimo; up to seven and three-quarters inches, or twenty centimeters), 16mo (sextodecimo; up to six and three-quarters inches, or seventeen centimeters), 24mo (vicesimo-quarto; measuring up to five and three-quarters inches, or fifteen centimeters), 32mo (tricesimo-quarto; measuring up to five inches, or twelve centimeters).

·  Prices are quoted in U.S. dollars and are subject to change.

·  If you can't find a book you're looking for among our listings, please ask us and we'll locate it for you on our site or, if it's not in stock, let you know when it becomes available.

·  We accept returns for exchange or refund (opened videotapes, only if defective and then only for the same title). Our policy appears in full at the end of our order form.

·  We do not issue printed catalogs.

Recent Acquisitions at Dog Lovers Bookshop


·  A signed first edition of John Taintor Foote's Sporting Days contains some of the author's best-loved hunting and fishing tales

·  It's All About Teddy -- The Lost Dog is Patricia Albano's account of her golden retriever and how he came home again; with delightful photography

·  Especially fine color photograhy by Walter Chandoha is among the informative charms of The Treasury of Dogs by Arthur Frederick Jones and John Rendel

·  Two Labrador retrievers, pursued by photographer Michael Malyszko, tour the French capital in the delightful Betty and Rita Go to Paris

·  A contemporary noir tale by Spanish mystery writer Alicia Giménez-Bartlett, Dog Days features a rottweiler named Morgana

·  Dogfessions: Secret Confessions from Dogs is funny and touching, a liberally illustrated compilation from Nikki Moustaki's Internet site

·  A dog spends a day at the beach in Peter McCarty's Hondo & Fabian -- a children's picture book notable for its dreamily evocative artwork

·  A first edition inscribed by author Laura Aimee Garn and artist Valerie Sokolova: Bella Basset Ballerina is a children's story about a hound's love for the dance and her journey to ballet stardom

·  Cuthbert Bradley, known as "Whipster" of The Field, takes the reader on one adventure after another in the splendidly informative and lavishly illustrated The Foxhound of the Twentieth Century: The Breeding and Work of the Kennels of England

·  A. Croxton Smith's British Dogs at Work is a reference tour de force, enhanced by illustrations by G. Vernon Stokes and of special interest to sporting dog fanciers

·  Brian Vesey-Fitzgerald edited the endlessly perusable The Book of the Dog, a must-have for any serious reference collection

·  Two treasures from Stonehenge, in beautiful original bindings: The Dogs of the British Islands, offering history, opinion, and experience, written by dog fanciers from a variety of perspectives and culled from the pages of the Field, and The Dog, Its Varieties and Management in Health by "Stonehenge" with Its Diseases and Their Treatment by George Armatage, M.R.C.V.S.

·  Fascinated by dogs in the glow of the footlights, at the feet of a famous author, or acting before the motion picture camera? Consider Flush of Wimpole Street and Broadway (starring Katharine Cornell's cocker spaniel), Memories (immortalizing John Galsworthy's cocker spaniel Chris), and Strongheart: The Story of a Wonder Dog (about the World War I dog who went on to capture Hollywood and the hearts of moviegoers everywhere)

·  Two of the most varied and entertaining short story anthologies are The Fireside Book of Dog Stories from 1943 and "Dawgs": An Anthology of Stories About Them, first issued in 1925

·  The 1927 second edition of Horowitz's The Alsatian Wolf-Dog expands on the 1923 masterwork and features some remarkable images of notable German shepherds of British and continental origin

·  A 1906 reprint of Jack London's White Fang with a Charles Livingston Bull frontispiece of White Fang and a collie dashing through the forest is one of two handsome early editions of the classic available

·  Art by Maud Earl is just one of the charms of the classic Where's Master? by the pseudonymous Caesar, the King's Dog

·  Annie Coath Dixey's The Lion Dog of Peking is a seminal work on the history of the Pekingese, with illustrations of art-historical as well as breed interest, and a valuable resource for anyone fascinated by the dogs of Asia

·  As interesting a reference today as it was indispensable a century ago: James Watson's comprehensive and copiously illustrated The Dog Book: A Popular History of the Dog with Practical Information as to Care and Management of House, Kennel, and Exhibition Dogs; and Descriptions of All the Important Breeds

·  From A. Croxton Smith, the British breeder, judge, kennel club official, and prolific author: Tail Waggers adds portrait-calibre photography to a compendium of facts on 48 breeds and general care and handling, plus thoughtful, brief chapters on such topics as the virtues of dogs; his comprehensive Everyman's Book of the Dog is a guide to more than 60 breeds, with wonderful period photos of champions

·  Noted Czech author Karel Capek wrote, illustrated, and "endured" the tale of his impish wirehaired fox terrier in 1933's Dashenka, of The Life of a Puppy

·  Master dog man and editor Will Judy's Don't Call a Man a Dog anthologizes his eponymous lecture, famous for its just conclusion, a selection of his prose and poetry, and a survey of world literature on the dog, all enhanced by telling illustrations

·  One Nation Under Dog: Adventures in the New World of Prozac-Popping Puppies, Dog-Park Politics, and Organic Pet Food is Michael Schaffer's canny perspective on the cultural phenomenon that is America's love of affair with pets

·  From the editors of The Bark magazine comes an anthology as entertaining as it is thought-provoking: Dog Is My Co-Pilot: Great Writers on the World's Oldest Friendship

·  First Friend: A History of Dogs and Humans, by Katherine M. Rogers, is an academic's examination of the bond between canines and people, from its origins to the start of the 21st century, and covers such topics as "Dogs Used as Surrogates for Humans" and "Dogs as Equals"

·  Sid Wright's The Way of the Dingo is an engrossing, fact-based adventure story, set in Australia's Hunter Valley

·  No photography buff's collection is complete without Valerie Shaff's lighthearted collection If Only You Knew How Much I Smell You: True Portraits of Dogs, with text by Roy Blount, Jr.

·  Fine guides to two breeds that deserve to be better known are Diane Klumb's The Havanese and Brussels Griffon: A Complete and Reliable Handbook by Seymour Weiss

·  A must-have reference for field dog fanciers is Gun Dog Breeds: A Guide to Spaniels, Retrievers, and Pointing Dogs by Charles Fergus

·  The white English bulldog at the heart of George Barr McCutcheon's 1904 novel The Day of the Dog is splendidly depicted by artist Harrison Fisher in editions that also feature fine decorations throughout

·  Canine behavior and the enduring bond between dogs and people are explored in popular author Jon Katz's The New Work of Dogs: Tending to Life, Love, and Family

·  A weimaraner named Sid leads readers through contemporary New York City in the novel The Dog Walker by Leslie Schnur, offered in a first edition

·  Dogs are among the domestic and wild subjects in this emotionally and socially powerful late 19th-century volume: A Mother's Lessons on Kindness to Animals (second series, third edition)

·  The Brown Lab: An Ivy League Dog is an academic's tale of life with Sammy, an unforgettable retriever

·  The Little Masterpieces of Science series 1902 edition of The Naturalist as Interpreter and Seer features the work of Darwin, Wallace, Huxley, and other leading thinkers

·  Ilene Hochberg's entertaining parody Dogue is as much in vogue today as when it was first published 25 years ago

·  Devoted to the akita, or inspired by a life dedicated to a breed's survival? Martha Sherrill's Dog Man: An Uncommon Life on a Faraway Mountain is a book you won't want to miss

·  The second edition of Joan R. Read's The Norfolk Terrier is an invaluable resource

·  Compiled more than a century ago, Modern Stories (The Children's Hour series, volume 10) features several timeless dog classics and an appealing gilt-enriched binding

·  From the Tip-Top Elf series of some 50 years ago, with Ruth Bendel art, comes Helen Wing's The Puppy Twins

·  Author Dean Koontz's golden retriever lives on in A Big Little Life: A Memoir of a Joyful Dog

·  Wolves, dogs, and foxes are prominent characters in the Young Folks' Library 1902 edition of The Animal Story Book, edited by Ernest Thompson Seton

·  The children's tale Latkes and Applesauce: A Hanukkah Story features a stray dog, recipes, the evocative illustrations by Robin Spowart, and a title-page inscription by author Fran Manushkin

·  A pristine first edition of the compelling novel The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. "In the end, to create better dogs, we will have to become better people."

·  A lovely copy of the 1873 edition of the inimitable The Dog by Dinks, Mayhew, and Hutchinson

·  Togo was a hero husky, whose 1925 trek is told here in splendid picture book style

·  "My father was a St. Bernard, my mother was a collie, but I am a Presbyterian." Thus does the hero of Mark Twain's A Dog's Tale begin the story of his adventures, available in a first edition

·  William Youatt's The Dog is a breed reference classic and a fascinating guide to veterinary medicine as practiced in the 19th century

·  Thomas Mann's Bashan and I is a translation of the 1919 Herr und Hund: Ein Idyll, immortalizing the German shorthaired pointer who stole the Nobel Prize winner's heart

·  Looking for a brief but brilliant children's introduction to dogs in art? How Artists See Jr. Dogs covers canine depictions from ancient times to the 20th century

·  A Rhodesian ridgeback named Lorelei is the only witness to a tragic death in Carolyn Parkhurst's thoughtful novel, The Dogs of Babel, in a fine first edition

·  Does anything enhance contemporary human romance more than a strong canine presence? Try Mad Dash by Patricia Gaffney and Jane May's Doggy Style

·  A fine example of the art of Diana Thorne in which her stated mission -- to portray "the personality of the individual dog" -- is beautifully displayed

·  For bull terrier fanciers: the quintessential Oppenheimer classics (After Bar Sinister and McGuffin & Co), a signed copy of Tom Horner's authoritative All About the Bull Terrier, the entertaining and insightful anthology Kid in a Dog Suit (a limited edition hard-to-find title, in its attractive dust jacket), and of special interest to breeders and show aficionados, Sweeten's The Fifth Bull Terrier Book and a selection of Bull Terrier Club of America publications, BARKS and the Record

·  For bull terrier devotees and anyone interested in the dog in military history, The Bull Terrier Force: A Collection to Record and Remember the 50th Anniversary of the Ending of War Time Hostilities focuses on the breed's role in Great Britain's armed forces

·  Two reprints, in small-format editions, feature the appealing art of Cecil Aldin: A Dog Day, or The Angel in the House and Puppy Dogs' Tales

·  The first English-language book on dogs, Of Englishe Dogges, in the 1947 Denlinger facsimile edition

·  The travails and triumphs of a terrier in 18th-century London are the subject of Marilynne K. Roach's illustrated Presto, or The Adventures of a Turnspit Dog

·  An appealing Sealyham stars in C. B. Poultney's novel My Dog Pompey, with numerous illustrations by the author

·  Sled dogs are among the attractions of Wilfred T. Grenfell's Off the Rocks: Stories of the Deep-Sea Fisherfolk of Labrador, in a handsome 1906 first edition

·  A lyrical memoir of two retrievers who made heartbreak survivable: Dog Years: A Memoir by Mark Doty

·  K. F. Barker's narrative and art bring Bellman: The Story of a Beagle to life in the 1936 reissue that Jones cites as "an enlarged photographic reproduction of the 1933 edition"

·  Sporting dogs are among the canines prominent in many of the fine Hugh Thomson illustrations in an 1886 reprint from The Spectator of Days with Sir Roger de Coverley

·  An inscribed copy of a fine contemporary photo collection: Michael Nastasi's Never Bite When a Growl Will Do

·  Ideal for Irish wolfhound fanciers: Little Dog and Duncan, an illustrated children's story told in verse, by Kristine O'Connell George

·  Jon Franklin's The Wolf in the Parlor: The Eternal Connection Between Humans and Dogs (in an "as new" copy) explores canine behavior and the interpersonal relationships we all have with our best friends

·  The Dogs of March by Ernest Hebert, a novel set in New Hampshire, is available in a first edition

·  A treasure for art lovers: Impressionist Cats & Dogs: Pets in the Painting of Modern Life by James H. Rubin

·  First editions of two novels for young readers are of special interest: from Elizabeth Coatsworth, the story of seven sisters, summer vacation, and a pug, in Trudy and the Tree House (1944), and a rare copy of the third in Mabel F. Stryker's series about a wirehaired terrier, Little Dog Ready in the Country (1934)

·  Several fairly recent picture books, in first editions, including LaRue for Mayor: Letters from the Campaign Trail, Walter the Farting Dog: Trouble at the Yard Sale, and Moi & Marie Antoinette

·  Handwritten tributes to beloved dogs and other companion animals add to the charm of Tails of Devotion: A Look at the Bond Between People and Their Pets

·  Fans of dog photography will find much to admire in the more than 50 superb portraits in Shelter Dogs by Traer Scott

·  A "big old gray dog" named Booze is a character worth meeting in Catlin: A Summer of Discovery in a Small Southern Town, a first novel by Don Higgins

The Care and Feeding of Books Old and New: A Simple Repair Manual for Book Lovers

by Dog Lovers Bookshop owners Margot Rosenberg and Bern Marcowitz

New York: Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin's Press, 2002. Hardcover (gilt-stamped spine), 8vo, 190 pages, dust jacket, index, Internet resources, recommended reading list, black-and-white photo frontispiece of Potemkin, our Founding Dog, and snapshots of the authors with staff dachshunds Houdini and Rose.

·  Our book is intended for anyone who wants to keep books safe and happy, remedy their simple ills, and perhaps enhance their value. Care and Feeding features easy-to-follow cleaning and repair instructions that emphasize the use of common household products.

·  We also provide guidance on the proper housing and handling of books, how to store and ship them, and how to make and use your own "stinky book box" to counteract the unpleasant odors that often afflict older books and other paper keepsakes.

·  Among the many other subjects discussed are the art of ungluing, the future of books, the pairing of old books and children, the practical fun of making book care a part of your social life, and how to advocate for the beleaguered circulating library book. We've included a few anecdotes about our dogs, and a long-overdue homage to the mice of our old East 31st Street shop.

·  You can order signed copies from Dog Lovers Bookshop, and we'll be happy to provide a personalized inscription if you request it. The hardcover sells for $21.95 (1st edition/2d printing); the paperback (St. Martin's/Griffin, 2004), for $13.95 (plus shipping and, where applicable, sales tax).

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