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You'll find fiction and literature about wolves and other wild canines elsewhere on our site. For breed-specific reading, consult the table of contents.

Short Story Collections and Anthologies

  • ALDIN, Cecil Puppy Dogs' Tales London: Souvenir Press Ltd., 2002. Cloth (gilt-stamped spine), 12mo, dust jacket, 96 pages, illustrated endpapers. Aldin's art enlivens this facsimile compilation of Roy Heron stories published before World War I. Author of such books as The Sporting Art of Cecil Aldin, Heron writes about a mongrel in "Scamp's Tale," a rough-coated pup in "Bobtail Bill's Tale," a white terrier in "Snowball's Tale," and a red dog of terrier type in "Poppy's Tale." 1st thus. As new condition; dust jacket in Mylar. $15.00

  • AYMAR, Brandt, and Edward Sagarin, editors The Personality of the Dog New York: Wings, 1995. Cloth, 8vo, dust jacket, 365 pages, black-and-white illustrations. Wide-ranging fiction and some poetry, selected to portray canine traits, such as loyalty, competitiveness, fearlessness, and candor. With an introduction by the editors and reproductions by Toulouse-Lautrec, Rosa Bonheur, Sir Edwin Landseer, Winslow Homer, and other artists. Reissue of the 1964 Bonanza edition. 1st thus. Very good condition (pages browning), in very good dust jacket. $9.00

  • BECK, Myron, photographer Dog Tales: Classic Tales About Smart Dogs New York: Viking, 1990. Gilt-stamped cloth, 8vo, dust jacket, 86 pages; color photos by Beck; introduction by Richard Wolters. Short fiction about dogs, by British and American writers: Benchley, Held, O. Henry, Knight, Lardner, Marquis, Parker, Saki, and Thurber. 2d printing. As new condition. $10.00

  • DANIEL, Lois, selected by The Faithful Friend: Favorite Writings About Owning and Loving Dogs Kansas City: Hallmark Editions, 1968. Cloth, 8vo, dust jacket, 60 pages, illustrated endpapers (featuring color photos of basset hounds and a dachshund), color and black-and-white artwork throughout, including modern photography and facsimiles of historical interest. Mostly prose, some poetry; with selections by John Burroughs, Maurice Maeterlinck, Carmen Bertold De Gastold, Thomas Hamler, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Napoleon Bonaparte, and others. 1st printing. Very good condition, in very good dust jacket. $5.00

  • DOG STORIES FROM PUNCH London: Clement Ingleby, 1926. Hardcover, 8vo, 94 pages, black-and-white illustrations by George Morrow. Liberally illustrated (as many as half a dozen detailed sketches per page) edition of 25 stories: "Matilda" by A. E. Beercroft; "Notes by a War-dog," "Further Notes by a War-dog," "As Between Terriers," and "On the Pedestal" by L. R. Brightwell; "The Dog That Knew Too Much" by B. W. Chandler; "Blob and the Hell-hound" by R. Colville; "A Broken Dog" by R. Corner; "A Plea for the Mongrel" by W. Fortescue; "Timon" by A. P. Garland; "Dog-Days" by A. P. Herbert; "The Old Hound" by M. I. Hope; "Towser" by L. Kirk; "Proof Positive" by E. V. Knox; "An Old Dog" by R. C. Lehmann; "He and She" by E. V. Lucas; "Enter Bingo" by A. A. Milne; "A Dog's Agreement" by H. Monro; "Dog. v. Postman" by R. Magill; "The Old Bulldog Breed" by M. Rittenberg; "Charlie" by B. E. Spender; "Cat v. Dog" A. Talbot; "A Case for the N.S.P.C.A." and "A Moving Story" by J. Walker; "Max, Ventriloquist" by E. P. White. 2d impression (November 1926). Fair condition (inscription on free endpaper); no dust jacket. $40.00

  • DONOVAN, John A. K. The Dog in Sports Fairfax: Denlinger, 1988. Hardcover, 8vo, 94 pages, brief bibliography, black-and-white illustrations. Dogs' participation in a host of activities from "The Sporting Novel" to "The Sport of the Barbecue Pit" (complete with recipes). 1st edition. As new condition. $12.00
    ---- The Dogs Found in the Writings of Dickens Fairfax: Denlinger, 1989. Decorated hardcover, 8vo, 96 pages; line drawings by Anne Donovan. 1st edition. As new condition. $16.00
    ---- Dogs in the Writings of Rudyard Kipling Fairfax: Denlinger, 1991. Hardcover, 8vo, 96 pages, black-and-white illustrations, including original drawings by Anne Donovan. 1st edition. As new condition. $16.00

  • DuBAY, Connie, compiled and edited by Speak! The Best Quips, Quotes, and Anecdotes for Dog Lovers New York: Plume, 2000. Wraps, 16mo, 203 pages. A wealth of wit, drawn from sources as diverse as Diogenes and Mel Gibson. Stated 1st printing. As new condition. $10.00

  • GAMBLE, Roberta, edited by Southern Dogs & Their People Chapel Hill: Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 2000. Cloth, 12mo, dust jacket, 130 pages; black-and-white photos by P. S. Davis; introduction by Clyde Edgerton. Selections from the rich literature of the American South, accompanied by full-page photos. 1st edition. As new condition. $12.00

  • GOODMAN, Jack, editor The Fireside Book of Dog Stories New York: Simon & Schuster, 1943. Gilt-stamped red cloth, 8vo, 591 pages; introduction by James Thurber. Includes "For the Love of a Man" from The Call of the Wild (St. Bernard/Scottish shepherd mix) by Jack London; "Blue Milk" (Scottish terrier type) by Booth Tarkington; "Memories" (spaniel) by John Galsworthy; "The Hound and the Hat" (cartoons; mastiff type), "The Dog that Bit People" (Airedale), and "Spapshot of a Dog" (bull terrier) by James Thurber; "Danny, the Story of a Dog" (Dandie Dinmont mix) by W. H. Hudson; "Verdun Belle" (setter) by Alexander Woollcott; "Gulliver the Great" (Great Dane) by Walter A. Dyer; "The Bar Sinister" (bull terrier) by Richard Harding Davis; "The Coming of Riquet" (terrier mix) by Anatole France; "The Odyssey of Runyon Jones" (not breed specific; inspired by English setter) by Norman Corwin; "Brag Dog" (pointer) by Vereen Bell; "A Dog's Nervous System" (Boston terrier, dachshund), "The Care and Training of a Dog" dachshund, et al.), and "Obituary" (not breed specific) by E. B. White; "Our Friend, the Dog" (bulldog) by Maurice Maeterlinck; "The Biscuit Eater" (pointer) by James Street; "Rex" (fox terrier) by D. H. Lawrence; "My Talks with Dean Spanley" (not breed specific) by Lord Dunsany; "Memoirs of a Yellow Dog" (mixed breed) by O. Henry; "From Pillar to Post" (Great Dane) by Jack Allan; "A Dark-brown Dog" (not breed specific) by Stephen Crane; "Ruffled Paws" (cocker spaniels) by Bertha Damon; "Bashan" from A Man and His Dog (pointer/setter type) by Thomas Mann; "The Dog of Pompeii" (not breed specific) by Louis Untermeyer; "Being a Public Character" (not breed specific) by Don Marquis; "Moses" (bluetick hound) by Walter D. Edmonds; "The Soul of Caliban" by Emma-Lindsay Squier; "The Dark Gentleman" by G. B. Stern; "A Pair of Lovers" by Elsie Singmaster Lewars; "Garm -- A Hostage" by Rudyard Kipling; "Lassie Come-Home" (collie) by Eric Knight; "The Voice of Bugle Ann" by MacKinlay Kantor; "Some Sunnybank Dogs" from A Book of Famous Dogs by Albert Payson Terhune; "The Whistle" by Hugh Walpole; "The Character of Dogs" by Robert Louis Stevenson. 1st printing. Good+ condition (some browning on endpapers and fore edge; contents clean), in fair to good dust jacket (double-sided, with closed tears leaving art unaffected on "Dog Map of the World;" reproduced in color, the map is surrounded by black-and-white profiles of dogs) in Mylar. $25.00

  • GRAY, Charles Wright, edited by "Dawgs": An Anthology of Stories About Them Garden City: Garden City Publishers, 1925. Cloth, 8vo, 342 pages, 2-page bibliography. Contains a foreword by the editor and 15 stories: "As a Dog Should" by Charles Alexander; "Being a Public Character" by Don Marquis; "Bulldog" by Max Brand; "Fox Terrier or Something" by Booth Tarkington; "The Grudge" by Albert Payson Terhune; "Justice in the Painted Hills" by Alexander Hull; "Memoirs of a Yellow Dog" by O. Henry; "Old Duke" by Arthur Train; "Pair of Lovers" by Elsie Singmaster; "Rex" by D. H. Lawrence; "Shag of the Packs" by Edison Marshall; "Such as Walk in Darkness" by Samuel Hopkins Adams; "The Soul of Caliban" by Emma-Lindsay Squier; "Triangle" by Donn Byrne; and "White Monarch and the Gas-House Pup" by R. G. Kirk. Undated printing. Good condition (faint browning throughout; covers lightly soiled, with modest edgewear); no dust jacket. $16.00

  • GRENIER, Roger The Difficulty of Being a Dog Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2000. Cloth, 8vo, dust jacket, 131 pages; translated from the French by Alice Kaplan. Essays witty and provocative, by the prolific, prize-winning author; the dog-human rapport explored via literature (from Homer to Jack London), with insights into the dog's role in inspiring great writing. Previously published as Les larmes d'Ulysse (Paris: Gallimard, 1998). 1st American edition. Near fine condition, in near fine dust jacket. $14.00

  • HADDON, Celia Faithful to the End: An Illustrated Anthology About Dogs and Their Owners New York: St. Martin's Press, 1991. Cloth (gilt-stamped spine), 12mo, dust jacket, 96 pages. Elegant presentation, with fine, largely Victorian era illustrations. 1st American edition. As new condition. $18.00

  • HAUSMAN, Gerald and Loretta The Mythology of Dogs: Canine Legend and Lore Through the Ages New York: St. Martin's Griffin, 1997. Wraps, 8vo, 278 pages, index, bibliography, black-and-white illustrations. Breed-by-breed discussion of dogs' mythological and folkloric roots. 1st thus. As new condition. $10.00

  • If you're looking for the works of the late James Herriot you can detour here for a look at what's in stock. If you'd rather wait, select "Herriot and Friends: Books by and About Veterinarians" under "History and General Nonfiction" in the table of contents.

  • JACKSON, Frank, edited by Faithful Friends: Dogs in Life and Literature New York: Carroll & Graf, 1997. Cloth, 8vo, dust jacket, 533 pages, subject and author indexes; foreword by HRH Prince Michael of Kent. Organized by theme ("Character & Variety," "Coarse Pastimes," "Curs & Mongrels," "A Dog's Worth," etc.), and drawing largely on British sources, this is a sterling collection. With a red ribbon bookmark bound in. 1st thus. As new condition. $20.00

  • JOHNS, Bud, edited by Old Dogs Remembered San Francisco: Synergistic Press, 1999. Wraps, 8vo, 238 pages; introduction by the editor. Paperback reissue of the fine anthology focusing on writing about older and mourned pets; prose, and some poetry, by the likes of Thurber, Terhune, Pinkwater, Atkinson, Galsworthy, Wainwright, Stanley Bing, E. B. White, Ross Santee, Beth Brown, Ben Hur Lampman, Updike, Burroughs, Ivins, Bromfield, Ruth Pollack Coughlin, and Steve Rubenstein. As new condition. $9.00

  • JUDY, Will Don't Call a Man a Dog Chicago: Judy Publishing, 1949. Gilt-stamped textured maroon fabricoid binding, 8vo, 158 pages, dust jacket; numerous black-and-white photos, cartoons, and drawings. Three-part compendium containing the author's eponymous lecture; a collection of Judy's dog prose and poetry; and a survey of world literature on the dog. The author, editor of Dog World Magazine, concluded his lecture by explaining that one must not call a man a dog because it's unfair to the dog. Contains Judy Publishing's heartwarming statements on "Opening a New Book" and "Care of a Book" and an informative message from the book's designer. Stated 1st edition. Good+ condition (free endpaper inscription by the author, to Mrs. Emily Prescott, whose bookplate appears on the half-title), in fair to good dust jacket (some soil and small chips; cover artwork unaffected) in Mylar. $30.00

  • MACRONE, Michael Animalogies: "A Fine Kettle of Fish" and 150 Other Animal Expressions New York: Cader Books/Doubleday, 1995. Hardcover, 16mo, dust jacket, 150 pages, index; illustrated by Thorina Rose. Lots of canine references, cleverly explained. Stated 1st edition/1st printing. As new condition. $10.00

  • MORROW, Laurie, compiled, introduced, and revised by Cold Noses and Warm Hearts: Beloved Dog Stories by Great Authors Minocqua: Willow Creek Press, 1996. Gilt-stamped cloth, 8vo, dust jacket, 232 pages; black-and-white illustrations by Christopher Smith; jacket artwork by Robert K. Abbett. Originally published in 1959. Includes Kipling's "The Power of the Dog;" outdoor writer and humorist Corey Ford's "Parapups" and "The Road to Tinkhamtown," Steinbeck's "Random Thoughts," Ring Lardner's "Dogs," Thurber's "How to Name a Dog," Terhune's "The Fighting Strain," E. B. White's "The Care and Training of a Dog," Jim Corbett's "Robin," Robert Benchley's "Your Boy and His Dog," Don Marquis's "Being a Public Character," P. G. Wodehouse's "A Very Shy Gentleman," O. Henry's "Ulysses and the Dogman," J. A. Hunter's "Buffalo Hunt," Alexander Woollcott's "Verdun Belle," E. C. Keith's "Some Dogs," Theodore Roosevelt's "With the Cougar Hounds," and D. H. Lawrence's "Rex." 2d printing (1997). Very good condition, in very good dust jacket. $15.00

  • MUNDIS, Jerrold, editor The Dog Book New York: Arbor House, 1983. Cloth (gilt-stamped spine), 4to, dust jacket, 255 pages, black-and-white art reproductions. This collection of essays, memoirs, and tributes includes "Blue and Some Other Dogs" by John Graves; "The Dog That Bit People" by James Thurber; "Stickeen" by John Muir; "Elegy for a Dead Labrador" by Lars Gustafsson; "Kooa's Song" by Farley Mowat; "Poor Tweed" by Ian Niall; "De Re Rustica" by Marcus Terentius Varro; "A Robust Matter of Some Delicacy" by James Herriot; "A Gentleman's Dogs" by an anonymous 19th-century sportsman; "Nuptials" by J. R. Ackerley; "The Origin of the Dog" by Edwin H. Colbert; "An Honest Dog" by Donald McCaig; "Dogs, and The Tug of Life" by Edward Hoagland; "A Boston Terrier" by E. B. White; "Guard and War Dogs in History" by Jerrold Mundis; "Our Friend, the Dog" by Maurice Maeterlinck; "Lurchers" by Leslie Norris; "Rufus" by H. Allen Smith; "Dog-fighting and Baiting Sports" by Phil Drabble; "On a Spaniel Called Beau Killing a Young Bird" by William Cowper; "Laudatio Canis" by Theodore Gaza; "On Dogs and Introductions: A Letter" by John Steinbeck; "For I Will Consider Your Dog Molly" by David Lehman; "Rab and His Friends" by Dr. John Brown; "Huskies" by Robert Dovers; "Dog Days" by Konrad Lorenz; "My Last Five" by Elizabeth of the German Garden [Elizabeth von Arnim]; "The Turnspit" by Edward Jesse; "Country Matters" by Vance Bourjaily; "To the Man Who Killed My Dog" by Richard Joseph; "The Story of Two Dogs" by Doris Lessing; and "Variously, on Dogs" by John Burroughs. 1st edition. Good+ condition, in good dust jacket (price clip; one small chip) in Mylar. $14.00

  • ROSEN, Michael J., editor The Company of Dogs: 21 Stories by Contemporary Masters New York: Doubleday, 1990. Cloth, 12mo, dust jacket, 323 pages, bibliography. Includes an introduction and afterword by Michael J. Rosen; "Seeing Eye" by Michael Martone; "The Complete Death of a Clown Dog" by Ethan Mordden; "Dog Problems" by Antonya Nelson; "Keats" by Elizabeth Tallent; "Lying Doggo" by Bobbie Ann Mason; "Reach for the Sky" by Jim Shepard; "The Immortal Dog" by Jack Matthews; "Ramsbury: A Suite of Cartoons" by Charles Barsotti; "At the Gates of the Animal Kingdom" by Amy Hempel; "Shooting Tookey" by Barbara J. Dimmick; "A Story of a Girl and Her Dog" by Alix Kates Shulman; "Victrola" by Wright Morris; "A Folio of Photographs" by William Wegman; "The Year of the Dog" by Robert Fox; "The Neutral Love Object" by Maxine Kumin; "Distant Music" by Ann Beattie; "Where Is Garland Steeples Now?" by Lee K. Abbott; "Junhy" by Gary Gildner; "Chips Is Here" by David Leavitt; "Out on the Marsh" by David Updike; "Going to the Dogs" by Robert Gillespie; "Flight" by Thomas McGuane; "The Death of the Dog and Other Rescues" by Susan Kenney. Illustrated with a few choice cartoons and photos. 1st edition, near fine condition, in near fine dust jacket; $15.00. A second copy: 2d printing, near fine condition, in near fine dust jacket; $10.00

  • SCHINTO, Jeanne, editor The Literary Dog: Great Contemporary Dog Stories New York: Atlantic Monthly Press, 1990. Illustrated wraps, large 8vo, 373 pages. Contains "Warand, the Dingo" by B. Wongar; "Strays" by Mark Richard; "The Story of Two Dogs" by Doris Lessing; "Winter Dog" by Alastair MacLeod; "Sound Is Second Sight" by Lynn Sharon Schwartz; "Heart of a Champion" by T. Coraghessan Boyle; "Black and Tan" by Madison Smartt Bell; "Dog" by Pinckney Benedict; "Where is Garland Steeples Now?" by Lee K. Abbott; "How Far She Went" by Mary Hood; "Dog Heaven" by Stephanie Vaughn; "Passengers" by Tobias Wolff; "Nashville Gone to Ashes" by Amy Hempel; "Lying Doggo" by Bobbie Ann Mason; "Canine Chateau" by Veronica Geng; "Jerry and Molly and Sam" by Raymond Carver; "Molly's Dog" by Alice Adams; "Dog People" by E. S. Goldman; "Out on the Marsh" by David Updike; "Deaths of Distant Friends" by John Updike; "The Understanding" by Mary La Chapelle; "Dog Stories" by Barbara Nodine; "Confusing the Dog" by Pamela Painter; "The Secret Dog" by Peter Cameron; "Dog Life" by Mark Strand; "Another Thursday with the Meyerhoffs" by Rod Kessler; "Reach for the Sky" by Jim Shepard; "Victrola" by Wright Morris; "The English and Their Dogs" by Jerry Bumpus; "The Penthouse Apartment" by William Trevor; "Little Brother" by John Edgar Wideman; "Distant Music" by Ann Beattie; "The Falling Dog" by Donald Barthelme; "Dogs' Lives" by Michael Bishop. Stated 1st edition/2d printing. As new condition. $13.95

  • SETON, Ernest Thompson Animal Heroes: Being the Histories of a Cat, a Dog, a Pigeon, a Lynx, Two Wolves & a Reindeer Lincoln: Bison Books/University of Nebraska Press, 1987. Wraps, 8vo, 362 pages; more than 200 black-and-white drawings by the author. Facsimile edition of the 1905 Scribner's edition. Includes "Badlands Billy: The Wolf that Won," "The Winnipeg Wolf," and "Snap: The Story of a Bull-terrier." Stated 1st printing. As new condition. $8.95
    ---- Lives of the Hunted New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1901. Gilt-stamped cloth binding, 8vo, 360 pages. Anthology "containing a true account of the doings of five quadrupeds and three birds, and, in elucidation of the same, over 200 drawings" by the author. Featured are a dog, coyote, ram, bear, kangaroo rat, sparrow, teal, and chickadee. 7th impression (January 1910). Poor to fair condition (ex-library, with most evidence removed; boards rubbed; spine badly worn and torn; text block firm, pages clean). $20.00
  • SETON, Ernest Thompson, edited by The Animal Story Book (Volume VI in Young Folks' Library, third edition) Boston: Hall and Locke Company, 1902. Decorated and gilt-stamped cloth with gilt top edge, 8vo, 393 pages plus 1-page "Suggestions for Supplementary Reading" and lists of series editors and subjects, color frontispiece and 6 full-page color plates, 152 black-and-white illustrations, biographical notes on most of the authors represented. Dogs, wolves, and foxes are prominent in this collection of 52 classic fables, essays, short stories, and excerpts from longer works. Canine content includes several fables by Aesop and La Fontaine, "Reynard the Fox," Tales of Instinct and Reason by Lady Julia Lockwood, Rab and His Friends by John Brown, M.D., Moufflou by Ouida, "How Red Wull Held the Bridge" from Bob, Son of Battle by Alfred Ollivant, "The Captain's Dog" by Louis A. Enault, "Royal's Fate" from Castle Blair by Flora L. Shaw, "The Civilized Fox" from Being a Boy by Charles Dudley Warner, and "The Eskimo Dog" from Anecdotes of Dogs by Edward Jesse. With an introduction on "Our Four-Footed Friends" by the editor. Fair condition (boards lightly soiled; corners bumped; hinges weakening but should remain stable if handled with care; text block firm and clean; lacks 1 color plate, of a grizzly bear). $14.00

  • TAPPAN, Eva March, selected and arranged by Modern Stories (The Children's Hour series, volume 10) Boston: Houghton Mifflin and Company, 1907. Red cloth binding (decorated front cover; gilt stamping on front cover and spine; gilt top edge), 8vo, 522 pages, illustrated endpapers, author index, title index, frontispiece in color with original tissue overlay, 12 full-page black-and-white illustrations. Tappan's 2-page preface ("To the Children") reveals "two secrets about stories" that readers can apply while enjoying this collection, which includes several tales about dogs: "The King of the Golden River" by John Ruskin, "At Auton House" by Augustus Hoppin, "Two Little Runaways" by Kate Douglas Wiggin, "Hare and Hounds at Rugby" by Thomas Hughes, "The Prince's Visit" by Horace E. Scudder, "The Snow Fort on Slatter's Hill" by Thomas Bailey Aldrich, "The Cratchits' Christmas Dinner" by Charles Dickens, "Jackanapes" by Juliana Horatia Ewing, "A Dog of Flanders" by Louise de la Ramee ("Ouida"), "Rip Van Winkle" by Washington Irving, "Alice and the Two Queens" by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson ("Lewis Carroll"), "The Queen of the Pirate Isle" by Bret Harte, "Wee Willie Winkie" by Rudyard Kipling, "The Archery Contest" and "The Besieged Castle" by Sir Walter Scott, "A Race for Life" by James Fenimore Cooper, "The Great Stone Face" by Nathaniel Hawthorne, "Farmer Finch" by Sarah Orne Jewett, "A Descent into the Maelstrom" by Edgar Allan Poe, "Jo's First Story" by Louisa M. Alcott, "The Peterkins Are Obliged to Move" by Lucretia P. Hale, "Miss Beulah's Bonnet" by Rose Terry Cooke, "The Archbishop's Visit" by Agnes Repplier, "Mahala Joe" by Mary Austin, and "The Man Without a Country" by Edward Everett Hale. Unspecified early printing. Very good condition (covers and spine lightly worn; text and artwork clean). $18.00

  • WATSON, Brad Last Days of the Dog-Men New York: W. W. Norton, 1996. Cloth, small 8vo, dust jacket, 146 pages. Seven moving tales set in the U.S. South: "Seeing Eye," "Agnes of Bob," "A Blessing," "A Retreat," "Bill," "The Wake, "Kindred Spirits," and the memorable title story. Stated 1st edition/1st printing. As new condition. $19.00

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  • ADAMS, Richard The Plague Dogs New York: Knopf, 1978. Cloth, 8vo, 391 pages, black-and-white illustrations, maps. Set in England, with memorable fox terrier, mongrel, and fox characters. Book club edition, fair to good condition (minor damage to spine), in good dust jacket in Mylar; $6.00. A second copy: 1st American edition/2d printing, good condition, in good dust jacket (some soil); $10.00
    ---- The Plague Dogs New York: Fawcett, 1993. Illustrated wraps, 16mo, 480 pages, maps. Paperback edition of the thought-provoking novel. 19th printing. Very good condition (shows light shelf wear; otherwise a new copy). $4.00

  • ATKINSON, Eleanor Greyfriars Bobby New York: A. L. Burt, 1912. Decorated cloth binding, 12mo, 292 pages, black-and-white frontispiece of Bobby begging for his supper. Sentimental classic about the fabled Skye terrier of Edinburgh, who epitomizes the loyalty of a dog. Undated reprint. Fair condition (boards and spine rubbed and worn; minor water damage on portion of front and back covers). $12.00

  • BAKIS, Kirsten Lives of the Monster Dogs New York: Farrar Straus Giroux, 1997. Gilt-stamped cloth, 8vo, dust jacket, 291 pages. New York City in the 21st century confronts a race of supremely intelligent dogs. Challenging reading. Stated 1st edition/2d printing, as new condition; $12.00. A second copy: stated 1st edition/2d printing, absolutely pristine as new condition, dust jacket in Mylar; $15.00

  • BARKER, K. F. Bellman: The Story of a Beagle London: A. & C. Black Ltd. (The "Classic" Animal Library series), 1936. Dark green blindstamped cloth with gilt-stamped spine, 8vo, 207 pages plus 5 pages of publisher's advertising. Beautifully illustrated throughout by the author, with 26 full-page and smaller black-and-white drawings, in addition to a frontispiece and 13 head and tail pieces to chapters. Novel of a hunt beagle in Great Britain, from puppy days through a lifetime of adventure; first published in 1933. Apparent 1st printing. Very good condition (some foxing; minor soil on fore edge); no dust jacket. $35.00

  • BLOUNT, Margaret Animal Land: The Creatures of Children's Fiction New York: Avon, 1977. Illustrated wraps, 8vo, 336 pages, index, bibliography, black-and-white illustrations. Critical study of the genre, including analysis of the best-loved canines. 2d printing. Very good condition. $15.00

  • BULGAKOV, Mikhail Heart of a Dog New York: Grove Press, 1968. Illustrated wraps, 8vo, 123 pages; translated from the Russian by Mirra Ginsburg. The mongrel Sharik becomes a commissar in this satire of the Soviet Union. 1987 reprint; 7th printing. Near fine condition. $6.00

  • BURNFORD, Sheila The Incredible Journey New York: Bantam, 1989. Wraps, 16mo, 145 pages; full-page black-and-white illustrations by Carl Burger. A bull terrier, a Labrador retriever, and a Siamese cat on a truly incredible trek. 80th printing. Very good condition (pages very faintly browned). $3.50

  • CAESAR ("The King's Dog") Where's Master? London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1910. Decorated boards, 12mo, 54 pages; black-and-white frontispiece and cover art by Maud Earl. Edward VII's Caesar is of fox terrier type; a canine classic. 10th printing (September 3, 1910). Very good condition (covers and edges lightly soiled; text and art pristine; previous owner's elegant inscription on free endpaper). $50.00

  • CARROLL, Jerry Jay Top Dog New York: Ace/Berkley, 1996. Wraps, 8vo, 330 pages. Fantasy; an executive is transformed into a dog; though the cover art hints at a golden retriever, the author has said that he sees the dog as a very large German shepherd. 1st printing. Near fine condition. $7.00

  • See "Fiction for Young Readers" for books by James Oliver Curwood.

  • EDGERTON, Clyde Redeye: A Western New York: Penguin, 1995. Illustrated wraps, 12mo, 244 pages. Entertaining novel set in turn-of-the-20th-century Colorado, and featuring a bulldog mix narrator. 1st thus. As new condition. $10.95
    ---- Redeye: A Western Chapel Hill: Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 1995. Cloth (gilt-stamped spine), 12mo, dust jacket, 244 pages, illustrated endpapers. Entertaining novel set in turn-of-the-20th-century Colorado; the narrator is a bulldog mix. Stated 1st edition/1st printing. Very good condition, in good dust jacket (a single small chip; some minor scoring) in Mylar. $9.00

  • EMANUEL, Walter A Dog Day, or The Angel in the House London: Souvenir Press Ltd., 1999. Cloth (gilt-stamped spine), 16mo, dust jacket, unpaginated (60 pages); "pictured by" Cecil Aldin. Facsimile edition of the 1902 classic of a scamp of a wirehaired fox terrier; each page of the text, in the form of the appealing rascal's diary, faces an expressive Aldin full-page illustration. As new condition; dust jacket in Mylar. $18.00
    ---- A Dog Day, or The Angel in the House Oxford: Past Times, 1995. Illustrated hardcover, 16mo, unpaginated (60 pages); "pictured by" Cecil Aldin. Facsimile edition of the 1902 classic of a scamp of a wirehaired fox terrier; each page of the text, in the form of the appealing rascal's diary, faces an expressive Aldin full-page illustration. Good+ condition (spine worn at head; slight cover wear; free endpaper removed; text and art clean). $10.00

  • FOOTE, John Taintor Dumb-bell of Brookfield New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1917. Gilt-stamped cloth, 12mo, 262 pages, black-and-white frontispiece; introduction by Rex Beach. Novel of a bird dog who, to quote Beach, "was more than a champion, more than a dog, he was a gallant gentleman and a philosopher, and he held as his creed a truth that many of us would do well to pause and ponder over; namely, the way to gain a friend is to be one." 1927 reprint. Good condition (slight foxing on endpapers; gilt on spine faded; pages clean and bright); no dust jacket. $17.00
    ---- Pocono Shot: A Dog Story New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1924. Cloth, 12mo, 143 pages plus 1 page of publisher's advertising. Entertaining novel of a bird dog by a master of the genre. 1928 reprint (attractive gilt lettering and dog art on cover). Fair condition (cover rubbed; previous owner's inscription on free endpaper; pages clean), in Mylar; no dust jacket. $16.00

  • GAFFNEY, Patricia Mad Dash New York: Shaye Areheart Books/Random House, 2007. Hardcover, 8vo, dust jacket, 355 pages. Sock, a small black dog with one white paw, plays an important role (and appears in gently humorous art on the dust jacket) in this contemporary romance of a woman photographer and midlife crisis. An elderly cocker spaniel, Hobbes, also plays a part in the story. Stated 1st edition/1st printing. Very good condition (spine slightly rolled), in very good dust jacket. $5.00

  • GUNNARSSON, Gunnar The Good Shepherd Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill, 1940. Gilt-stamped red cloth binding, 8vo, 84 pages; 6 full-page black-and-white drawings plus frontispiece by Masha Simkovitch; translated from the Danish by Kenneth C. Kaufman. Leo the sheepdog, depicted in cover art and frontispiece, joins his Icelandic shepherd in a touching Advent story. 1st American edition. Good condition (spine frayed); no dust jacket; $8.00

  • HEBERT, Ernest The Dogs of March New York: The Viking Press, 1979. Harcover, 8vo, dust jacket, 255 pages. First in the author's Darby series, set in New Hampshire; dogs (including a Labrador retriever, a hound, and an Afghan named Kinky) play a telling roll in this drama of class conflict and one man's struggles. 1st edition. Very good condition, in good dust jacket in Mylar. $35.00

  • HIGGINS, Don Catlin: A Summer of Discovery in a Small Southern Town New York: St. Martin's Press, 1980. Cloth (silver-stamped spine), 8vo, dust jacket, 215 pages. The author's first novel centers on a young girl, "a Southern tomboy with a dog named Booze and a fierce sense of right and wrong." Booze is "a big old gray dog." 1st edition. Good+ condition (small, round library embossing on the title page; otherwise, no other library markings; spine shows wear at head and tail; two tiny spots on the fore edge; pages clean), in good dust jacket (a few small chips) in Mylar. $8.00

  • KAY, Terry To Dance with the White Dog New York: Pocket Books, 1993. Pictorial wraps, 16mo, 239 pages. Bittersweet novel of a dog invisible to all but the man who needs her. 1st thus. Near fine condition. $4.50

  • LONDON, Jack White Fang New York: Macmillan, 1935. Red cloth binding, 12mo, 329 pages. The classic dog novel in an attractive red binding and handsome, easy-to-read typeface. 1st thus. Fair to good condition (corners bumped; pages faintly browned; penciled notes on many pages); no dust jacket. $8.00
  • You'll find low-priced unabridged Jack London editions listed among novels for young readers.

  • MARKOE, Merrill Noses Down, Eyes Up: A Novel New York: Villard Trade Paperbacks/Random House, 2009. Pictorial wraps, 8vo, 305 pages; droll black-and-white frontispiece drawing (four dogs and a man in bed) by the author. Labrador Jimmy is more than dominant in this rollicking tale, which he shares with three mutts and a man who, Jimmy discovers, is not his biological father; Jimmy is also highly communicative, with much to impart. 1st thus/1st printing. Very good condition. $3.50

  • MAY, Jane Doggy Style New York: Kensington Books, 2006. Pictorial wraps, 8vo, 278 pages. Chihuahua mix Miles, who appears on the front and back covers, is the novel's perceptive, shelter-adoptee narrator, bringing a pungent style to a contemporary tale of romance in New York City. Dachshund Chloe is another character who makes her own notable contributions. 1st thus. Near fine condition (personal inscription by the author on the title page). $6.00

  • MAYLE, Peter A Dog's Life New York: Knopf, 1995. Cloth, 12mo, dust jacket, 192 pages; drawings by Edward Koren. The life and times of a mixed breed in Provence; entertaining fiction. 2d printing, as new condition; $12.00. A second copy: 1st edition, as new condition; dust jacket in Mylar; $20.00
    ---- A Dog's Life New York: Vintage, 1996. Illustrated wraps, 8vo, 192 pages. Paperback edition of an entertaining novel of a mixed breed in Provence. 1st thus. As new condition. $9.00

  • McCUTCHEON, George Barr The Day of the Dog New York: Dodd, Mead, 1904. Decorated cloth boards with gilt top edge, 12mo, 137 pages; color frontispiece (bulldog) and four full-page color plates by Harrison Fisher; black-and-white decorations on every page by Margaret and Helen Maitland Armstrong. Fiction featuring a white English bulldog. 1st edition, good condition (1 plate missing; inscription on title page); $26.00. Another copy: 1st edition, good+ condition; $45.00
    ---- The Day of the Dog New York: A. L. Burt Company, 1904. Decorated green cloth binding (with inset of white bulldog on the front cover), 8vo, 137 pages; color frontispiece (bulldog) and four full-page color plates by Harrison Fisher; black-and-white decorations on every page by Margaret and Helen Maitland Armstrong. Fiction featuring a white English bulldog. Apparent 1st printing. Good condition (boards worn, especially at edges; previous owner's faint signature on free endpaper; text and art clean). $32.00

  • MICHAELS, Fern Fool Me Once New York: Kensington/Doubleday Large Print Home Library, 2006. Hardcover (gilt-stamped spine), 8vo, 535 pages. Romantic novel of a photographer specializing in pets and her family history, a handsome lawyer, and a Yorkshire terrier named Cecil and his inheritance. Large-type edition. Near fine condition, in near fine dust jacket. $12.00

  • MORLEY, Christopher Where the Blue Begins New York: Grosset & Dunlap, undated [1922?]. Decorated hardcover, 8vo, 215 pages. Sweet and satirical novel of life "in that woodland suburb region called the Canine Estates." Good+ condition (small inscription on free endpaper; pages faintly browned); no dust jacket. $14.00

  • MOWAT, Farley The Dog Who Wouldn't Be New York: Bantam, 1981. Illustrated wraps, 16mo, 195 pages; black-and-white drawings by Paul Galdone. The story of Mutt, the dog "who owned Farley Mowat during his years of boyhood on the Canadian prairies." James Herriot called Mutt "a unique canine character." 18th printing. Near fine condition. $4.50

  • OLLIVANT, Alfred Bob, Son of Battle Garden City: Doubleday, Page & Company, 1914. Green-cloth binding (embossed type and collie head inset on front cover), 12mo, 356 pages, 8 full-page black-and-white photos. Classic novel of a sheepdog of Scotland. Good condition (slight cover wear). $17.00
    ---- Bob, Son of Battle New York: Grosset & Dunlap (Thrushwood Book series), no date (ca. 1948). Red cloth binding with decorative lettering on front cover and spine, 8vo, dust jacket, 306 pages, black-and-white illustrations. Classic novel of a sheepdog of Scotland. Undated reprint (ca. 1948). Good condition (pages lightly browned; handwritten inscription from Westchester Shore Humane Society, dated 1948, on free endpaper), in good dust jacket (overall wear; small chips; front cover art in color, featuring a standing collie among sheep, in very good condition) in Mylar. $12.00
    ---- Owd Bob: The Grey Dog of Kenmuir London: Herbert Jenkins Limited, no date [ca. 1910]. Green cloth binding, 12mo, 309 pages plus 2 pages of publisher's advertising, frontispiece (line-drawn field trial map). Classic novel of a Scottish sheepdog; a version of Bob, Son of Battle. 1st edition. Fair condition (pages browned; some pages creased or wrinkled). $30.00

  • OUIDA [Marie Louise de la Ramée] A Dog of Flanders New York: Dover, 1992. Wraps, 8vo, 68 pages; black-and-white illustrations by Harriet Golden. Unabridged paperback edition of the sentimental classic of the Belgian cart dog Patrasche. Very good condition (pages slightly browned). $1.00
    ---- A Dog of Flanders New York: Grosset & Dunlap, 1915. Cloth, 12mo, 174 pages plus 6 pages of publisher's advertising, black-and-white drawings, illustrated endpapers. Notable for the black-and-white photos of the dog actor Teddy who starred in the silent film version with Jackie Coogan. Also includes "The Nürnberg Stove." Poor condition (spine worn; boards stained; inscription on half-title); no dust jacket. $16.00
    ---- A Dog of Flanders Akron: Saalfield (Every Child's Library edition), 1927. Cloth (pictorial front cover), 12mo, unpaginated (approximately 244 pages); illustrated by Frances Brundage. In addition to the title story of the immortal Belgian cart dog Patrasche, this edition includes Ouida's "The Nürnberg Stove" and Ruskin's "The King of the Golden River." Good condition; no dust jacket. $20.00

  • ROOKE, Leon Shakespeare's Dog New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1983. Hardcover (gilt-stamped spine), 8vo, dust jacket, 158 pages. The Bard's early life, as revealed by Mr. Hooker, a perspicacious mixed breed. 2d printing. Near fine condition in very good dust jacket (one small closed tear) in Mylar. $15.00

  • SAUNDERS, Marshall Beautiful Joe: An Autobiography Philadelphia: Charles H. Banes (Phoenix Edition), 1896. Cloth, 16mo, 359 pages plus 5 pages of publisher's advertising. Early mass market edition of a classic story that had a powerful influence on the humane movement. Poor condition but retains some charm (foxed; hinges weakening) in Mylar. $30.00
    ---- Beautiful Joe: An Autobiography Philadelphia: Judson Press (Phoenix Editions), 1893. Red cloth boards, 16mo, 359 pages; introduction by Hezekiah Butterworth. Early mass market edition of the classic dog story, which had an impact on public perception of the treatment of animals. March 1903 reprint. Fair condition (previous owner's name on free endpaper; black-and-white frontispiece of the author and Joe from another edition pasted inside front cover). $25.00
    ---- Beautiful Joe: The Autobiography of a Dog London: Jarrold & Sons, 1906. Cloth, 12mo, 304 pages, black-and-white frontispiece (photo of the author and Joe). This early British edition is introduced by an extract from the Countess of Aberdeen's letter in praise of the Canadian edition. Fair condition (hinges weakening). $45.00
    ---- Beautiful Joe: The Autobiography of a Dog London: Jarrold & Sons, nd (ca. 1908?). Cloth, 12mo, 304 pages, 3 full-page black-and-white illustrations and photo of Joe (frontispiece); introduction by Hezekiah Butterworth. Attractive rustic motif decorates front cover and spine. Poor condition (previous owner's inscription on free endpaper; chips on title page and a few others; corner chewed on front cover). $25.00

  • SCHNUR, Leslie The Dog Walker New York: Atria Books, 2004. Hardcover, 8vo, dust jacket, 312 pages. A weimaraner named Sid, a pair of dachshunds, and a bulldog are prominent in this contemporary novel about a New York City dog walker and her mixed breed Sam. Stated 1st edition/1st printing. Near fine condition, in near fine dust jacket. $5.00

  • "reprinted from THE SPECTATOR" [Joseph ADDISON and Sir Richard STEELE] Days with Sir Roger de Coverley London: Macmillan & Co., 1886. Gilt-stamped and decorated blue cloth, square 8vo, 82 pages. Sporting dogs, house pets and pups, and fox hunting feature in this touchingly human and humorous account of country life in Britain, from the pages of the famous periodical (1711-1712). This edition is enriched by the more than 80 black-and-white illustrations by Hugh Thomson, many of which depict with precision and levity hounds afield and sporting and domestic scenes featuring dogs. 1st edition. Fair condition (upper portion of frontispiece removed; previous owner's inscription on printer's blank; boards worn, especially on the corners and head and tail of spine, but front cover gilt illustrations are undisturbed and retain their sheen; foxing on two text pages, title page, and frontispiece's tissue overlay; text and art clean). $75.00

  • STERN, G. B. The Ugly Dachshund Exeter: J. N. Townsend Publishing, 1998. Wraps, 8vo, 170 pages; black-and-white illustrations by K. F. Barker; foreword by Barbara Holland. The classic novel of a Great Dane among dachshunds, set in Provence; with drawings from the original 1938 edition. 1st thus. As new condition. $15.00

  • SURTEES, R. S. Handley Cross, or Mr. Jorrocks' Hunt London: Lawrence and Bullen (Sportsman's Pocket Series), 1898. Red cloth binding decorated with foxhunting motifs, small 8vo two volume set (568 pages); illustrated by John Leech. First published in 1843; one of the popular sporting journalist's most successful novels, with foxhounds and other dogs aplenty and vivid artwork. Fair to good condition (spines worn at head and tail; endpapers discolored; text and art clean). $90.00
    ---- by the author of "Handley Cross," "Romford's Hounds," "Sponge's Sporting Tour," etc., etc. "Ask Mamma," or, The Richest Commoner in England Bath: George Bayntun, 1926. Decorated blue cloth binding, 8vo, 423 pages; illustrated with 19 full-page and numerous smaller engravings on wood by John Leech. A novel of foxhounds and other sporting matters; first published in 1858. Fair condition (slightly shaken; all art intact and pristine; covers water-stained); no dust jacket. $20.00

  • TERHUNE, Albert Payson Gray Dawn New York: Grosset & Dunlap, no date [1929?]. Decorated green cloth (two romping collies on the front cover), 12mo, dust jacket, 246 pages, illustrated endpapers, black-and-white collie frontispiece. Terhune said of Gray Dawn, a son of his collie Bruce, that he "is unlike any dog he has ever owned and that the tales he has to tell about him are unlike any other dog stories he has ever written." Reprint of the Harper & Brothers 1927 edition; later printing. Very good condition, in poor to fair dust jacket (price clip; chips and tears, especially at head and tail of spine; front panel color illustration of a leaping Gray Dawn in very good condition). $15.00
    ---- The Heart of a Dog Garden City: Doubleday & Co. (Young Moderns series), 1924. Cloth, 8vo, 221 pages; illustrated by Marguerite Kirmse (color cover art, black-and-white throughout text, illustrated endpapers). Good condition (some wear on spine and foxing); no dust jacket. $15.00
    ---- Lad of Sunnybank New York: Grosset & Dunlap, no date [1929]. Silver- and blind-stamped blue cloth, 8vo, 322 pages, illustrated endpapers, black-and-white drawing of a recumbent collie on the title page; frontispiece in color by Marguerite Kirmse. Companion volume to Further Adventures of Lad, set at Sunnybank and in the woods of New Jersey; the collie's adventures include such supporting players as Rameses the Raccoon and Zat the Crow. Kirmse's contribution makes this a charming addition to any Terhune or collie library. Good condition; no dust jacket. $15.00
    ---- Lad of Sunnybank New York: Grosset & Dunlap, no date [1929]. Gray cloth with black stamping (two collies romp on the front cover), 12mo, dust jacket, 322 pages, illustrated endpapers, black-and-white frontispiece (drawing of a collie reclining near a tree). Companion volume to Further Adventures of Lad, set at Sunnybank and in the woods of New Jersey; the collie's adventures include such supporting players as Rameses the Raccoon and Zat the Crow. Undated reprint [1957?]. Good+ condition (previous owner's inscription on printer's blank), in good+ dust jacket (price clip; small chips at head and tail of spine), in Mylar. $10.00
    ---- The Man in the Dark New York: E. P. Dutton, 1921. Green cloth binding with black stamping, 12mo, 311 pages. A collie named Bruce has a role in this novel of rural West Virginia. 1st printing of the 1st edition. Rare. Fair condition (small ink mark on free endpaper; boards show wear, especially one corner of back cover, which is badly weakened; text pages clean) in Mylar; no dust jacket. $140.00
  • You'll find more titles by Terhune under More About Collies in our breed book department.

  • THOMAS, Elizabeth Marshall Certain Poor Shepherds: A Christmas Tale New York: Simon & Schuster, 1996. Cloth, 12mo, dust jacket, 128 pages; black-and-white drawings by Andrew Davidson. A sheepdog journeys to Bethlehem; a simple, touching story. 1st edition. As new condition. $10.00

  • TWAIN, Mark A Dog's Tale New York and London: Harper & Brothers, 1904. Decorated red cloth binding, small 8vo, 36 pages; full-page illustrations in color by W. T. Smedley. "My father was a St. Bernard, my mother was a collie, but I am a Presbyterian." Thus does the beloved storyteller's dog begin the story of his adventures. 1st edition. Good+ condition (1 plate missing; boards show wear; spine faded; front cover art depicting a mother dog and puppy in very good condition; frontispiece's original tissue overlay in good condition; endpapers, text, and art clean). $80.00

  • WROBLEWSKI, David The Story of Edgar Sawtelle New York: Ecco/HarperCollins, 2008. Cloth, large 8vo, dust jacket, 566 pages. "In the end, to create better dogs, we will have to become better people." A family saga of far more than the compelling story of a fictitious breed; Almondine takes her place among contemporary fiction's memorable canines. Stated 1st edition/1st printing; as new condition, in as new dust jacket bearing Oprah's Book Club 2008 Selection sticker; $15.00. A second copy: 1st edition/5th printing; as new condition, in as new dust jacket; $10.00. A third copy: 1st edition/8th printing; as new condition, in as new dust jacket; $9.00

    Fiction and Literature table of contents


  • COLE, William, selected by The Birds and the Beasts Were There: Animal Poems Cleveland: World Publishing Co., 1963. Illustrated hardcover, 8vo, dust jacket, 320 pages, author and title index; woodcut illustrations by Helen Siegal. Attractively designed anthology of verse on dogs and other animals. Good condition (ex-library: stamps; free endpaper and pocket removed), in good dust jacket. $10.00

  • COOK, Ferris, illustrations by Bark: Selected Poems About Dogs Boston: Bulfinch Press/Little, Brown, 2000. Cloth (gilt-stamped spine), 8vo, 64 pages, full-page and smaller illustrations. Cook's perceptive charcoal drawings of dogs, including one of this handsome book's front cover, are drawn from life and add charm to an eclectic collection of verse, much of it written in the last century. Stated 1st edition. As new condition. $18.95

  • CREECH, Sharon Love That Dog New York: Joanna Cotler Books/HarperCollins, 2001. Yellow-stamped blue hardcover binding, 12mo, dust jacket, 86 pages plus 16-page section devoted to "Some of the Poems Used by Miss Stretchberry" (William Carlos Williams, Robert Frost, Arnold Adoff, William Blake, Valerie Worth, R. C. Rigg, and Walter Dean Myers); dust jacket and title page dog illustration by William Steig. Free verse is the vehicle for this novel of a schoolboy who learns to love and write poetry, inspired not least of all by a dog named Sky. For ages 8 to 12. 1st edition/13th printing. Near fine condition, in very good dust jacket. $5.50

  • Doggerel: Great Poets on Remarkable Dogs San Francisco: Chronicle, 1990. Cloth, oblong 12mo, dust jacket, 64 pages; introduction by Ogden Nash; linecuts by Martha Paulos. Striking full-page artwork and decorations; poetry by John Ciardi, Dorothy Parker, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Raymond Carver, William Cowper, Don Marquis, Irene Rutherford McLeod, Dylan Thomas, Christopher Morley, Stephen Foster, Robert Frost, Scott Spencer, Robert Burns, Ezra Pound, Erica Jong, Carl Sandburg, Ogden Nash, E. B. White, and William Dickey. 2d printing. As new condition. $12.00

  • Dogs: A Classic Illustrated Treasury San Francisco: Chronicle, 1992. Pictorial hardcover, 12mo, dust jacket, 26 pages, fine arts reproductions (including full-page works by Cecil Aldin and Maud Earl). Fourteen poems, by as many authors; an eclectic selection, stylishly produced. 1st edition. As new condition. $7.95

  • DUEMER, Joseph, and Jim Simmerman, editors Dog Music: Poetry About Dogs New York: St. Martin's Press, 1996. Cloth (gilt-stamped spine), 12mo, dust jacket, 274 pages, black-and-white photos. More than 160 poems by 100 poets, including Elizabeth Bishop, William Carlos Williams, Denise Levertov, Adrienne Rich, and other as well known and some obscure but well worth reading. Stated 1st edition. As new condition. $14.00

  • GEORGE, Kristine O'Connell Little Dog and Duncan New York: Clarion Books, 2002. Illustrated laminate boards, square 8vo, dust jacket, 40 pages; illustrated by June Otani. Irish wolfhound Duncan's visit with a small terrierlike friend is recounted in simple, charming verse for children; with expressive color illustrations on every page. 1st edition. Very good condition (sole defect: a few small scuffs on free endpaper; text and artwork pristine), in very good dust jacket. $10.00

  • GOODBODY, Mary, editor The Dog Book Kansas City: Andrews & McMeel, 1995. Illustrated hardcover, 16mo, dust jacket, 40 pages. Combines fine art (including a splendid bulldog on the front cover and dust jacket) and verse. 1st edition. As new condition. $5.00

  • HEMPEL, Amy, and Jim Shepard, edited by Unleashed New York: Crown, 1995. Gilt-stamped cloth, 8vo, dust jacket, 175 pages, black-and-white photos and drawings. Contemporary verse on the dog. Stated 1st edition, as new condition; dust jacket in Mylar; $18.00. A second copy: 2d printing, very good condition, in good+ dust jacket; $14.00
    ---- Unleashed New York: Three Rivers Press, 1999. Wraps, 8vo, 175 pages, black-and-white photos and drawings. Paperback edition of the popular collection of contemporary dog-centered poetry. 1st thus. As new condition. $10.00

  • JOHNSTON, Tony It's About Dogs San Diego: Harcourt, 2000. Illustrated hardcover, 4to, dust jacket, 48 pages; paintings by Ted Rand. Some 40 dogs are lovingly depicted in art and poetry. Children's picture book for ages 6 to 9. Stated 1st edition. As new condition. $16.00

    Fiction and Literature table of contents

    Wisdom and Beauty: Miniature Books

  • BALL, Tevvy Puppy Love Kansas City: Ariel Books/Andrews and McMeel, 1997. Illustrated hardcover, 48mo, dust jacket, 80 pages; color photos by Isabelle Français. Reminiscence, practical advice, and selected quotes. Fine photos include a boxer pup on the dust jacket. 1st printing. As new condition. $4.95

  • EISEN, Armand Dogs Kansas City: Andrews & McMeel, 1992. Cloth, 48mo, dust jacket, 80 pages. An elegant compendium of fine art reproductions and famous quotations. Multiple copies (3d and 4th printings). As new condition. $4.95

  • HANCOCK, Shawn Hartley Dogs Kansas City: Ariel Books/Andrews and McMeel ("Tiny Tomes" series), 1996. Pictorial hardcover, 64mo, dust jacket, 127 pages. The smallest book in our shop has marbled endpapers, a crisp little dust jacket, an amazing amount of lore, color art reproductions. 1st edition. As new condition. $6.00

  • HOFF, Mark Wolves: The Howl of the Wild Kansas City: Ariel Books/Andrews McMeel, 1997. Decorated cloth, 48mo, dust jacket, 80 pages; color photos by Robert E. Barber. Concise natural history, statistics, fable in handsome format. 1st printing. As new condition. $4.95

  • Miniature Breed Books Fine photography graces every volume ($4.95 each) in this palm-sized, dust-jacketed series (48mo). Titles available are Basset Hounds, Boxers, Cocker Spaniels, Dalmatians, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Mutts, Poodles, and Rottweilers.

  • THOMSEN, Susan, edited by A Little Book of Puppies Kansas City: Ariel/Andrews McMeel, 1997. Cloth, 64mo, dust jacket, 126 pages; color photography by Isabelle Français. Picture-packed anthology of puppy-related quotations, most as cute as the pups themselves. The tiny dust jacket boasts a chocolate Labrador on the front, a bulldog on the back. 1st printing. As new condition. $3.95

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